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07-24-2020:  New: Add Delete Equipment to Edit Equipment menu
06-27-2020:  New: Change Search feature to search by Title or Nodes
06-27-2020:  New: Menu: Show Schedule selected by Month.
02-08-2020:  New: Option to Delete a List from master list on Finish.
02-08-2020:  Fix: {add new list} always added to Master List; now only add if not on Master List.
07-20-2019:  New: Add to Menu: Edit Service to allows changes to an exiting service, e.g. change Mileage Interval
04-28-2019:  New: Add Equipment selection when clicking on Show Service
02-14-2019:  New: Change Show Schedule Next/Prev symbols from ^ to < and v to >
01-03-2019:  New: Add > List to keep permanent lists.
01-03-2019:  Change: Show Notes on Finish.
01-03-2019:  Change: Show Notes on Finish.
06-26-2018:  New: Can use None for equipment units.
05-02-2017:  New: Add Day of Week frequency Cycle.
12-27-2017:  Change: Lists: Add Close to List, change Finish to Clear.
11-23-2017:  Change: Keep Hide/Show settings when re-showing schedule.
09-28-2017:  Change: Default to NOT showing service on Log In.
03-20-2016:  New: Add Alerts to show tasks and events due soon.
01-23-2016:  Change: Use Midday not Morning as default for adds.
01-13-2016:  New: Add Phone Type and Model to Personal Settings.
01-13-2016:  New: Enlarge LogIn and Subscribe buttons.
01-13-2016:  New: Allow a Finished event to be delete.
01-13-2016:  New: Add a period (.) to save a task without any other note.
01-13-2016:  New: Skip Event: Leave original scheduled date and time.
01-13-2016:  New: Allow a Finished or Skipped event to be marked as Pending.
12-01-2015:  Change: Keep starting date after changed by up/down Arrows.
11-30-2015:  New: Add Free Membership to BigRigBible members.
11-30-2015:  New: Privacy Policy Page.
11-30-2015:  Fix: Finishing Weekday event yielded 12-31-1969 date.
11-22-2015:  New: Repeat Count on Add Event.
11-21-2015:  New: Subscribe Here, ready for purchase!
11-15-2015:  New: Edit Service History.
11-12-2015:  New: Increase height of control buttons.
11-12-2015:  New: Add date entry to Finish, Skip and Waiting.
11-11-2015:  New: Option on Show Schedule to show 2 weeks or 1 month.
11-11-2015:  Fix: Exact time was not showing on Events.
11-06-2015:  New: Delete all scheduled dates for an event.
11-06-2015:  New: EVERY for events and services.
11-06-2015:  New: Finish, Skip Postpone, Waiting, Delete Service.
11-06-2015:  New: Edit Service.
11-06-2015:  New: Add Service.
11-06-2015:  Create Services for Car/Truck, RV, Generator and Motorcycle.
11-01-2015:  New: Add/Edit Equipment.
11-01-2015:  Keep Task history if notes were entered.
10-29-2015:  Questionnaire #5 sent out.
10-28-2015:  Add Delete Event function.
10-28-2015:  Simplify Personal Settings.
10-28-2015:  New: Add Events for recurring plans.
10-27-2015:  Log In links to your account, Demo to demo data.
10-27-2015:  Simplify Time Entry for Add Task and Edit.
10-22-2015:  Questionnaire #4 sent out.
10-21-2015:  Delete yesterday's finished tasks, move other tasks to today.
10-21-2015:  Demo page has Add Task (ToDo) function.
10-21-2015:  Move Personal Settings from Show Events to Menu.
10-15-2015:  Questionnaire #3 sent out.
10-15-2015:  Add Finish, Postone, Skip, Waiting to Demo page.
10-08-2015:  Questionnaire #2 sent out.
10-05-2015:  Demo page showing Current & History Events.
09-29-2015:  14 reviewers members have Signed Up.
09-28-2015:  Demo page active: Illustrates Show Current Events.
09-23-2015:  12 reviewer members have Signed Up.
09-22-2015:  Reviewer SignUp emails sent.
09-20-2015:  SignUp process tested and approved by small test group.
09-18-2015:  Questionaire template pages completed.
09-15-2015:  Log In, MyAccount, Log out complete.
09-12-2015:  SignUp Page published, Log In page in process.
09-07-2015:  Demo Page is NOT active yet.
09-06-2015:  Web site first published and reviewed by a few members.

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