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These sample pages are images and are not interactive. A live demo can be reviewed and tested on the Demo page. Click or hover over the thumbnail images to see the sample pages.

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 Page Views

Member Log In

Enter your UserName and Password to access your Schedule of Events.

Schedule of Events

Your events are shown. Scroll down to see the next two weeks or month.

Service Schedule

Everything due shows up. When tasks are finished they are moved to History.

Event & Service

Combined view of all personal events and equipment service.


Every page has the Menu icon. Click to choose your next action.

Add Task

Only requires a title. The Time Span is optional.

Add Personal Event

Enter Title, Description and Days to Schedule.

Add Equipment

Each vehicle or equipment must be added with current mileage or hours; a one-time task.

Add Equipment Service

Schedule service by date, units or both based on next date or units.

Finish, Skip, Edit, Postone, Delete or Wait Event

Change date or any fields on the event.

Entry of a Shopping List

Detail lines are on separate lines by pressing ENTER after each item.

Shopping List

Schedule showing the detail lines of a Shopping List.

Edit Service History

Enter your service history for example, your motorhome oil and filter changes.

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