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Can I enter a "To Do" List?
Yes. TellMe has three types of entries.
  • Tasks: A task is something you need to do soon. It might have date and time to be done or you just want to add it to your list. If you enter just a title, the task will be put on your list for the morning. Each day uncompleted tasks will be moved to the current day. Tasks finished yesterday are deleted from the database. You can assign a future date and/or a specific time but it is not required. A sample task would be Get the cracked windshield repaired.
  • Events: Events are activities that occur more that once. They might be Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually or in between. They may have a specific time or be assigned a Time Span. A sample event might be Pickleball Daily at 8:00am Monday to Friday.
  • Services: Vehicles and equipment need periodic services. Most services are due by a certain date or mileage interval. Services are entered for an identified piece of equipment and have all the scheduling capabilities of an Event. But, in addition, by entering the current mileage or hours, TellMe will list the next service needed if the date or mileage has arrived. A sample service for the Motorhome would be Change Engine Oil Annually or every 8,000 miles.
What is a Time Span?
For Tasks or Events that do not have an exact time, you can enter a Time Span. Time Spans are Morning , Midday (the default), Evening and Night. The only purpose of changing the default of Midday to some other time span is to put a large list into the order that they might occur. Look at this list of tasks.

8:00 Pickleball
Midday - Dinner with the Smiths
Midday - Buy wine for dinner
Midday - Repair the cracked windshield
Midday - Morning Devotions

These tasks were entered in the order shown above. All tasks were defaulted to Midday which TellMe puts them between your early Morning and Evening tasks. The Smiths invited you to dinner by a text and did not tell you the time.

Obviously this list is not in sequence. If you used the Time Span option, the list could look like this.

Morning - Morning Devotions
8:00 - Pickleball
Midday - Repair the cracked windshield
Midday - Buy wine for dinner
Evening - Dinner with the Smiths

A subsequent text arrives with the time of dinner. Then you can change from Evening to Exact Time.

Does my data reside on my phone or on the Internet?
On the Internet. No memory is needed on your phone. Your data will be available from any device with your UserName and Password. Upgrade your phone or devices and your data remains with no effort on your part.
What is the investment?
Your investment is only $9.58 per year. There are no limits to the number of tasks, events, equipment or services. The only limit is the total space for history which is 4 megabytes, the size of the Bible!
How flexible is the scheduling?
Incredibly flexible. Here are a few samples:

  • Ellen's birthday every year on 11-3.
  • Clubhouse meeting every Wednesday but not during the summer.
  • Workout in the gym at 10:00 am every other day but not on Sundays.
  • Change the motorhome engine oil and filter every year or every 8,000 miles whichever comes first.
  • Change the generator coolant every 40 hours.
  • Meet with the girls to play bridge every Tuesday but not the 3rd week of the month.
Can a husband and wife share a single membership account?
Yes and each will see all events. You can add names to the descriptions to differentiate or you can have two memberships.
Is it simple to use?
Absolutely. With 50 years of programming experience we have learned to focus on ease of use. Most programmers keep enhancing a product until they ruin it! They add every possible feature and eventually it becomes overwhelming to learn and use. We keep it simple, yet powerful.
Can I go back and enter RV repairs from an earlier date?
Yes and you should. At a minimum you will need to enter the last date, mileage, and mileage interval for each service you wish to schedule. Then the system can tell you when the next service should be. However, if you want a complete history you can enter previous service information and it does not need to be in date sequence; the system will sequence it for you!
Do I need to purchase annual updates?
No! All updates are included in the annual hosting fee. And we would be delighted to hear about any improvements we can make to the system. If we like your idea and implement it, there is no fee to you or any member.

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